Speaker Press Clips

The US Has An "Active Cyber War Underway" to Thwart the North Korean Nuclear Threat
NPR.org (Interview with New York Time's David Sanger)

Rex Tillerson's Hope for a Media-Free Bubble May Burst
New York Times (Written by New York Time's David Sanger)

Aftermath:  Reporting on Russian Hacks with NYT's David Sanger by CSIS
SunCloud (Interview with David Sanger)

'Left-of-Launch' Cyber Efforts Against North Korea: A Good Idea?
The Diplomat (Refers to New York Time's David Sanger)

Is North Korea the United States' Most Dangerous Adversary?
CBS News (Interview with New York Time's David Sanger)

U.S. Strategy to Hobble North Korea Was Hidden in Plain Sight
The New York Times (Written by New York Time's David Sanger and William Broad)

Trump Inherits a Secret Cyberwar Against North Korean Missiles
The New York Times (Written by New York Time's David Sanger)

David Sanger on Flynn Resignation, National Security Council Turmoil
CNBC News (Interview with New York Time's David Sanger)

Trump's National Security Challenges:  Charlie Rose
Bloomberg (Charlie Rose interviews New York Times' David Sanger)

The Perfect Weapon:  How Russian Cyberpower Invaded the U.S.
The New York Times (Written by New York Time's David Sanger)

Mitigating insider threats remains a major cyber concern
TechTarget (New York Times' David Sanger moderates panel at Cambridge Cyber Summit)

A New Era of Internet Attacks Powered by Everyday Devices
The New York Times (Written by New York Times' David Sanger)

The DNC Hack and (the Lack of) Deterrence
Lawfare (Quotes New York Times' David Sanger)

News Wrap:  U.S. Blames Russia For DNC, Election Hacking
PBS Newshour (Quotes New York Times' David Sanger)

How Much Can Russia Mess With the U.S. Elections?
Foreign Policy (Podcast with New York Times' David Sanger)

The Grown-Ups Are Locked Out
Slate Magazine (Written by Slate Magazine's Fred Kaplan)

WikiLeaks' Attack on US Intelligence
Slate Magazine (Written by Slate Magazine's Fred Kaplan)

North Korea is Now Trump's Problem
Slate Magazine (Written by Slate Magazine's Fred Kaplan)

Fred Kaplan Discusses the Russia Dossier and Rex Tillerson's Confirmation
Slate Magazine (Written by Slate Magazine's Fred Kaplan)

Macht Google gemeinnützig!
Wired (Quotes Google's Vinton Cerf)

How Google's Vinton Cerf Helped Create the Internet
The Peak Magazine (Quotes Google's Vinton Cerf)

National Science & Technology Medals Foundation to Host an Evening with Vinton Cerf at Gerogetown University
PRNewswire (Refers to Google's Vinton Cerf)

The Man Behind the Internet - A chat with worldwide pioneer Vinton Cerf
AARP (Quotes Google's Vinton Cerf)

How to Build an Interplanetary Internet One Reprogrammed Spacecraft at a time
Deutsche Welle (Quotes Google's Vinton Cerf)

Vint Cerf's dream do-over: 2 ways he'd make the internet different
InfoWorld (Quotes Google's Vinton Cerf)

Mozilla patches big problem in Firefox browser to prevent cyber attacks
The Financial Express (Quotes Tor co-founder Roger Dingledine)

In Wake of London Terrorist Attack, Microsoft Complies to Legal Info Requests from U.K. Authorities
TheTechPortal.com (Quotes Tor co-founder Roger Dingledine)

"Der Cyberraum ist der Neue Kriegsschauplatz"
sueddeutsche.de (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith on Warpath Against Cyber Crime
BenchMarkMonitor (Refers to Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Alison Phillips:  We Must Stop the Net Giants Shielding Terrorists
Mirror (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft President Brad Smith Continues to Push for Digital Geneva Convention in Recent European Tour
ONMSFT (Refers to Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft Says It Provided U.K. Authorities With "Information" following London Terror Attack
VentureBeat.com (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft Boss Tells ITV News: "We Will Not Help Any Government Hack Any Customer Anywhere"
ITV News (Interview with Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Interview with Brad Smih at CeBIT
CeBIT Global Conferences - 20 March 2017:  Interview with Brad Smith, President and Chief Legal Officer, Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft's Brad Smith on Cyberattacks, Cybersecurity and 'Cyberspace"
The Wasington Post (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft Seeks Global Cybersecurity Accord
E-Commerce Times (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft President, Brad Smith, has Called for a New International Body to Protect Civilians From State-Sponsored Government Hacking
FileHippo (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Here's Why Microsoft President Wants a Digital Geneva Convention
Fortune (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft President Touts "Digital Geneva Convention" During Cybersecurity Keynote
The Washington Times (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft President Pledges to be a "Neutral Digital Switzerland" Against Nation-State Cyberattacks
CNBC (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft President Calls for 'Digital Geneva Convention'
The Hill (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft Unveils Patent Claim Protections for Cloud Customers
World Intellectual Property Review (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Judge Allows Microsoft Challenge of Gag Orders to Proceed
TopTechNews (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft's Victory in Email-Seizure Case Stands, Hailed as Win for Privacy
The Seattle Times (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Brad Smith Speaks on Rules for the Digital Economy at DLD Munich
Microsoft EU Policy Blog (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

European Commission clears $26 billion Microsoft-LinkedIn deal
The HansIndia (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

With the EU Approval, Path Clears for Micrsoft-LinkedIn Deal
Redmond Channel Partner (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Brad Smith is tech world's ambassador
Milwaukee-Wisconsin Journal Sentinel (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft's $26BLinkedIn deal wins EU approval, will close 'in coming days'
GeekWire (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft President and CLO Brad Smith responds to presidential election results
Neowin (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft diplomatic about Trump victory, asks new administration to focus on diversity and security
GeekWire (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft's Brad Smith talks privacy, Snowden and international law
Irish Times (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft unveils 217-page book in bid to influence global cloud policy
GeekWire (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Why Microsoft's President Thinks Tech Must Be More Inclusive
Fortune (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft has "no intention" of cutting off access to LinkedIn data, says chief legal officer Brad Smith
WinBeta (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Microsoft's Top Lawyer Becomes a Civil Rights Crusader
MIT Technology Review (Quotes Microsoft's Brad Smith)

Amazon: Automation Doesn't Have to Kill Jobs
CNET.com (Quotes Amazon's Paul Misener)

Amazon Exec Questions Drone Laws At CES
PYMNTS.com (Quotes Amazon's Paul Misener)

Changes Ahead at Voice of America?
CNN (Interview with Harvard Kennedy School's Rick Stengel)

Snapchat Hires Senior State Department Official Rick Stengel To Deepen Its Ties With Washington
Business Insider (Refers to Harvard Kennedy School's Rick Stengel)

Tool for Checking Complex Computer Architectures Reveals Flaws in Emerging Design
News at Princeton (Quotes Princeton University's Margaret Martonosi)

Stop Blaming Facebook for Trump's Election Win
The Hill (Co-authored by University of Zurich's Eszter Hargittai)

Automated Pro-Trump Bots Overwhelmed Pro-Clinton Messages, Researchers Say
The New York Times (Written by New York Time's John Markoff)

Why light bulbs may be the next hacker target
therecord (Written by New York Time's John Markoff)

When A.I Matures, It May Call Jürgen Schmidhuber 'Dad'
The New York Times (Written by New York Time's John Markoff)

Steptoe Cyberlaw Podcast - Interview with John Markoff
Steptoe Cyberblog (Links to interview with New York Time's John Markoff)

RSA: Elite Cryptographers Scoff at Idea That Law Enforcement Can "Overcome" Encryption
Network World (Quotes Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Susan Landau)

WPI’s Susan Landau On What the FBI Needs to Learn About Security
Worcester Polytechnic Institute (Refers to Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Susan Landau)

The Week that Was:  All of Lawfare in One Post
Lawfare (Refers to Worcester Polytechnic Institute's Susan Landau) 

Research Identifies Methods to Protect Against Online Privacy Attacks
Princeton University News (Refers to/Quotes Princeton University's Prateek Mittal, Nick Feamster, Mung Chiang, and Mittal's students Yixin Sun and Anne Edmundson)

Nick Feamster Wins ACM Award
ACM.org (Cites Nick Feamster as an award winner)

Coalition seeks to protect internet from weaknesses of many 'connected' devices
SUV System LTD. (Quotes Princeton University's Nick Feamster)

Scientists develop Predator system to identify malicious website users
BGR (Quotes Princeton University's Nick Feamster)

New Technique Detects and Eliminates Abusive Domains at Time of Registration
CircleID (Quotes Princeton University's Nick Feamster)

New system to spot malicious websites before they cause harm
TribuneInda (Quotes Princeton University's Nick Feamster)

And Now A PREDATOR To Fight DNS Domain Abuse
InformationWeek (Quotes Princeton University's Nick Feamster)

Data traffic system switches control to network administrators
PHYS.org (Quotes Princeton University's Jennifer Rexford)

Gabriella Coleman's genealogy of Anonymous to raise questions of public interest and ethics
Straight (Quotes McGill University's Gabriella Coleman)

Returning from Washington, Felten Seeks Dialogue Between Technology and Policy
News at Princeton (Quotes Princeton University's Ed Felten)

The Basics of Crypto, in 4-5 Pages, Using Only Small Words Lawmakers Can Understand
BoingBoing.net (Refers to Princeton University's Ed Felten)

4 Things You Need To Know About Diebold Voting Machines
Before It's News (Refers to Princeton University's Ed Felten)

Are Philly's Body-Worn Camera Policies Fair?  Here's How One Expert Will Testify
Technical.ly (Quotes Upturn's Harlan Yu)

Scorecard on Police Wearables Leaves Room for Improvement
MeriTalk (Quotes Upturn's Harlan Yu)

If U.S. Asks Foreigners for Their Passwords, American Travelers May Face the Same
The Olympian ((Quotes Center for Democracy & Technology's Nuala O'Connor)

GW Center for Cyber and Homeland Security Releases New Report on Proactive Cybersecurity Measures
Lawfare (Refers to Center for Democracy & Technology's Nuala O'Connor)

The Situation Report:  Comey's Encryption Comeback
MeriTalk (Quotes Center for Democracy & Technology's Nuala O'Connor)

Former FTC Commissioner Brill joins Center for Democracy and Technology
Inside Cybersecurity (Refers to Hogan Lovells' Julie Brill)

In Donald Trump recount election drama, news media is again being taken for a ride
F. World (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Did Russia Hack the Election for Trump?  Here's What People Are Saying...
Gothamist (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

CertiKOS:  A breakthrough toward hacker-resistant operating systems
myscience ((Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

US elections:  American security services braced for Election Day cyberattacks
HeraldScotland (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Could the 2016 Presidential Election Be Hacked?
Yahoo!Lifestyle (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Experts keep watch over US 'Hack states'
Amwal Al Ghad (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Could Russia Hack Presidential Election 2016?
iTechPost (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

A look at the vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines
Fox25Boston (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

How Easy-to-hack Voting Machines Endanger Democracy
WhoWhatWhy.org (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Georgia still using hackable electronic voting machines
Democratic Underground.com (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Expert at USF cybersecurity conference rejects idea of hijacked Nov. 8 election
TBO.com (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Pennsylvania's aging voting machines could be 'nightmare scenario' in the event of a disputed election
Los Angeles TImes (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

These 5 Points Show Just How hard It Is To Hack An Election
Huntnews (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Prof. John Banzhaf:  Yes, The Election Can Be Rigged
Breitbart (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

The Media Can't Get Its Story Straight on Election Hacking
The Event Chronicle (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Stop worrying about hackers stealing the election
Business Insider (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Integrity of the Ballot Box Under Threat This November
Epoch Times (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Election Systems are Vulnerable But Not How You Think
Nextgov (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Computer researcher to Congress: 'It's possible' for hackers to alter election
Politico (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Voter registration systems targeted by hackers:  reports
Morningstar (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Amid Fears Of Russian Hacks, Officials Say The US Election Is Secure
BuzzFeedNEWS (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

How to thwart Election Day hackers:  Vote the old-fashioned way - CNET
Uncova.com (Refers to Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Computer Scientists Close in on Perfect, Hack-Proof Code
WIRED (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Hacker-Proof Code Confirmed
QuantaMagazine (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Election hacking threats prompt U.S. to hasten aid to states
The Japan Times (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

States Ask Feds for Cybersecurity Scans Following Election Hacking Threats
Government Technology (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

We should be worried about the hacking of electronic voting machines
Fusion (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Hack the vote:  Experts say the risk is real
Huntnews (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Forget stuffing the ballot box -- new concern is hacking voting machines
Early Returns (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel)

Information Technology Subcommittee (Chairman Will Hurd, R-Texas) of House Oversight and Government Reform Committee hearing on "Cybersecurity: Ensuring the Integrity of the Ballot Box": Wednesday, Sept. 28, 2016, 2 p.m.
Witnesses include Princeton University's Andrew Appel.

How to Hack an Election in 7 Minutes
Politico (Quotes Princeton University's Andrew Appel and refers to Princeton University's Ed Felten)

Biased Bots:  Artificial-Intelligence Systems Echo Human Prejudices
News at Princeton (Refers to research by Princeton University)

De-Anonymizing Web-Browsing Histories May Reveal Your Social Media Profiles
TechRepublic (Quotes Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

Are You Really Anonymous Online? Your Friends on Twitter May Give You Away
Greenwich Time (Refers to Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

'Anonymized' Web Browsing Not Actually Anonymous, Finds Princeton Study
Tech Times (Quotes Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

'Anonymous' Web Browsing History May Not Be Anonymous
Eurasia Review (Quotes Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

Mozilla Disables Battery Tracking API To Tighten Firefox Privacy
TechWeekEurope (Refers to Princeton University researchers, including Arvind Narayanan)

No One Remains Anonymous on the Internet, and that's Dangerous
Huntnews (Refers to Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

You are less anonymous on the web than you think --much less
PHYS.org (Refers to Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

Online Trackers Follow Our Digital Shadow By 'Fingerprinting' Browsers, Devices
all tech considered (Quotes Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

WUNC:  Apple's new way of trying to keep user data private -- differential privacy
WUNC (Quotes Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

Internet Tracking Has Moved Beyond Cookies
FiveThirtyEight (Quotes Princeton University's Arvind Narayanan)

Zoomi Technologists Explain the Power of Networks in New Book
SAT Press Releases (Refers to Princeton University's Mung Chiang)

Electronic Voting Machine hacked by Computer Scientists
by Huntington News (Refers to Princeton University computer scientists Ariel Feldman and Alex Halderman)

Medical Innovations, Smart Sensors and More Impress Judges at Innovation Forum
News at Princeton (Refers to research by Princeton University)

Computer vision can't do it all yet
by New York Times News Service (Refers to ImageNet, a collaborative effort led by researchers at Stanford and Princeton)

Security Researchers Want to Hide Your Data in 'Cyberfog'
Motherboard (Refers to research by Princeton University)

What you need to know about fog computing
betanews (Refers to research by Princeton University)